We understand that planning a trip can sometimes be an exhausting task just trying to get all of the information you need. So here are some FAQs about The Secret Garden that may help answer a few of your questions. If you have any questions still or aren’t sure about something, please feel free to email us anytime.
Common Questions

How far away is the resort from the Chiang Mai city centre/airport?

  • We are about 12 km away from the Chiang Mai city centre, located in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai’s Handicraft centre.
  • We are about 16 km away from the airport, just 20-25 minutes by car.

How does one get around?

  • To get to the centre of Chiang Mai, our guests take the public transport, “songtaews” from the next village, Bo sang, where we shuttle to all day. Songtaews are covered trucks with two rows of seats in the back. They run frequently throughout the da– there’s one every 5-10 minutes. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get into town, depending on traffic and costs 15 Baht each way. Coming back from town, the last songtaew leaves at 21:00.After that guests will have to take a taxi back.
  • For those looking to explore and make use of the full potential of the area, motorbikes are available to rent out for the day as well.
  • Bicycles are also available, for both adults and kids, free of charge.

Do you organise any tours / can you help us book tours?

We don’t organise any tours of our own, but we can give you some recommendations on what to do while you’re here, which companies/tours we’ve gotten good feedback from and help you book them – even prior to your arrival if you wish to book in advance if you plan to come during peak season, we’ve got you covered ! If you want to hire a driver for the day to take you to different places, we can help you book that as well. Some of the tours have free pick up from the Secret Garden, while others have a small extra charge.

Do you give cooking classes?

We started off as a cooking school but don’t do it anymore, as we have a dinner buffet to prep for every night (except Sundays) However you are more than welcome to join Pai and the ladies in the kitchen during dinner prep, if you wish you join in, learn a few things, and see how the meals are prepared. Pai will be more than happy to answer your questions. We send you all the recipes afterwards via email too.

* The buffet consist of 3-4 main Thai dishes, dessert, and coffee/tea. 195 Baht for Adults and 90 Baht for kids.

Do you offer airport pickup? And how much is it?

Yes, we pick you up from the airport, free of charge. We also drop you off at the airport on check out or bring you to your next hotel, if they don’t do pick ups on their side.

Where is it best to rent a car? Can you help us?

There are several car rentals at the airport, which you can book ahead of time – – it’s convenient if you plan to fly in to Chiang Mai, as you can then pick it up right away as well. If there aren’t any available at the airport or you’ve only decided once you’ve already arrived that you’d like to rent one, we can help you find a fitting car.

Is breakfast included in the price?

Yes, breakfast is included in the price as well as all tax charges.

Do you cater to vegetarians?

We will be more than happy and do our best to cater to your needs, whether you’re vegetarian, gluten intolerant, or have allergies.

What is nearby The Secret Garden?

  • Bo Sang Umbrella Village, famous for it’s natural papers “saa paper”, and brightly painted umbrellas, is 3 km away from the S.G, and easily accessible via bycicle. It is great for an afternoon stroll, for both adults and kids. Around that area you’ll also find 7/11s, a Tesco supermarket, a food court, fresh market, ATMs, along with all the small shops, and coffee places Bo Sang has to offer.
  • Bo Sang Fishing park is only 1.5 km away. We can bring you there, or you can take the bicycles. Fishing rods are available at the S.G, free of charge.
  • Sankampaeng Hot Springs, approx. 20 Km away, 20-25 mins via car/bike.
  • Mae Kuang Reservoir Doisaket : 23 Km, approx. 30 mins via car/bike.
  • Doisaket Temple, 13 km, approx. 15-20 mins via car/bike

Can we pay with credit card?

Unfortunately we don’t work with credit cards. You can pay in Thai Baht when you check out.

We look forward seeing you here!

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